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Calin at the International Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets, U...

Calin at Truskavets International Clinic for Rehabilitation in Ukraine

      As our visit at Kinderzentrum, Munchen did not pay back the expected results, we were determined to find another medical unit to treat our child.
Calin practically won his war against the Vojta Therapy and finally led us to abandon this program, so he had to search for other ways to help him improve his movement. At home we were using both physical therapy and hydro therapy (similar with what he has today) which returned better results than Vojta Therapy but still far from our expectations. Therefore we have decided to visit the International Clinic for Rehabilitation in Truskavets, Ukraine.

Side view of the clinic

Our first visit there was on beginning of November 2011. The costs were as follows: Medical Costs nearly EUR 2200; Food and accommodation within the clinic (3 meals for 3 persons) for 14 days: EUR 1200; Other costs including transportation costs (by car), over night hotels, souvenirs, etc:  EUR 700. Total costs EUR 4000.

We arrived at the clinic on Sunday evening in order to start our program next morning. At the first two days the program was reduced to allow him to get used with the new environment but starting with the 3rd day he had been appointed for a full schedulle. The full program consist of 8 procedures to be repeated every day on the same time, 6 days a week (Sunday was off).

09.00 to 09.10 – 1. Vibration massage. - Laying on his back on a vibrating bed for 10 minutes.

Calin is enjoying the vibrating bed

09.30 to 10.30
2. Full body massage. It is a superficial massage used rather to enhance his sensorial activity within the skin and body, not a massage for his muscles.

3. Packing with hot paraphine for legs, arms and waist. – 10 to 15 minutes, carried out during the massage session by the same therapist.

4. The mechanical spine correction – carried out by leading doctors of the institution using the technique developed by the founder of the Institute, Dr. Kozijavkin -  it takes about 1 minute, carried out during his massage session, also.

5. Reflexes therapy performed by his assigned pediatric neurologist – it takes about 5 minutes, usually done within last part of the massage session.

11.00 to 11.30 -  6. Physical therapy, a combination of classical therapy and procedures developed by the clinic staff. It proved very efficient, especially coming soon after the long massage session. At the end of the physical therapy Calin was already tired and unwilling to cooperate anymore.

12.00 to 12.15 – 7. Face massage – a combination of massage and jaws mobility practice to increase his awareness of sensorial input within his cheeks and vicinity of the mouth. For better movement of his mouth and jaws. It proved efficient as Calin had started to articulate sounds. He had better coordination of breathing and producing sounds. 2 weeks later we heard his first "MAMA”.

12.30 to 12.45 – 8. Light therapy – by rotation was exposed to different colors and for different parts of the body every day. He was always turning his head to watch for the lights and was mostly non cooperating as he was very tired at the end of the program. Turning and keeping his head up was a good thing although this was not the purpose of the therapy.

For the rest of the day we were free to do whatever we like. There is large indoor playground for children and there is an outdoor one too. There is a nice park in the vicinity of the clinic and so is the largest mall in Truskavets, "Furshet".
On completion of the daily routine Calin was unable to stay awake for his lunch and he would fall asleep for 3 to 4 hours. After 5 days we could see already he was holding his head better, he had better coordination of his hands, leaning his arm forward to touch his mothers face. He had better legs movement and overall he seemed very energetic and eager for more movement and play. He didn’t like the food and in the last 3 days at the clinic he barely had eaten something. He had becoming more tired everyday but lasted heroically until the last day.

Dinning room at 1st floor

As soon as he arrived at home and adding the long trip on the expense of his nearly finished energy,  his body collapsed and he had one of the worst lungs infections ever, an intensive treatment and strong injectable antibiotics had to be undertaken. He retained most of the things he learned at the clinic.

Our expectations were partially met and we had decided to attend another session at this clinic after 4 months.

We had the second session in May 2012, the total costs were EUR 4000 as well.

The program was nearly the same however the visible improvements seen on first session were not followed by other new important improvements. We must admit that within the 4 months at home , we had been inspired by our first visit there and pushed him harder on his daily routine having a more constant growth of his physical condition, however still much slower than our expectations.

International Clinic of Rehabilitation - Main Entrance View

Map of Truskavets showing main shopping centers, the park and the clinic.

International Clinic for Rehabilitation in Truskavets, Ukraine led us to some achievements but rather slow and at great expenses (nearly EUR 12000 a year). Generally it was a good experience but we are unhappy with the rate of learning. Calin is now 2 years and 5 moths old, however his movement will not exceed the movement of a 3 or 4 months old baby. He has a large  gap  between his cognitive condition (approx 12 months or more) and motor condition. We must find a more efficient therapy for him that will improve his movement at a much faster rate. We are confident that as soon as his body and movement coordination will increase,  he will cooperate more and we hope for a chain reaction to trigger his healing.  The more he moves, the better he can control his body, the more he will be willing to improve his movement and so on. In the same time we must find efficient ways to enhance his mind abilities which has to suffer due to lack of sufficient movement.

Based on this considerations we are now learning the Doman Therapy, one of the hardest therapies in the world if not the hardest. It is not much different in principle to the Truskavets approach, however the actual movement and program are more aggressive and friendly in the same time as child cooperation is vital, pushing the child to his limits everyday and speeding his recovery.
It is this therapy who delivered to the society the most fully recovered children who had „graduated to life”. The number of this lucky children is relatively small at an approx rate of 40 of 1200 children ( 3% ) but other children had recovered a lot also, although not fully. You can read more about Doman therapy on this website.

Please keep in mind that we are parents not doctors and you should seek professional medical advise for your child. Our experience and believes should be used for guidance only.


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Calin at the International Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets, U...
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