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The campaign of the 50000 hopes...

          "Build Hopes" is a project through which "Children Souls Hopes" Organization coordinates fundraising for the construction in Constanta City, Romania of a new center, highly specialized, which will gather under one roof the latest methods of treatment in the world for recovery and rehabilitation of children with neurological and motor problems.

           Statistically, in Romania are about 50,000 children with serious neurological and motor disorders and each of them needs hope. On March 3rd, 2012 we launched "The
Campaign of the 50,000 Hopes" in order to raise US $ 1 million to start  the construction of this center. One by one, each given hope will bring us closer to give these children a new chance for recovery. Each donation comes with an unique t-shirt, a symbol of the fact that each of us multiplied by 50,000 can achieve something amazing.

By optimizing costs for each donation, for each t-shirt, US$ 20 will support this cause and finally to raise $ 1 million.

Y O U    C A N    B E     H O P E    T O O!

     - our eternal gratitude - and are not just big words - the website of the Children Souls Hopes Organization has a section called "The Book of Gratitude" in which all names of all donors will be published. At the end of the campaign the book will be removed from the website and published in a single printed copy being then displayed in a special room - "Hall of Gratitude" - in the future center. Over the years, those who visit the clinic will find our names in a dusty book and know that somewhere, sometime, special people have helped to build the construction.

     - for free, the campaign supporter t-shirt - is a t-shirt with an unique number from 1 to 50,000.

    These t-shirts are just a symbol of humanity, of immaculate souls and wearing this shirt you will help not only with money but you have the chance to join us and to spread the news that you are one of those people who know how to take a step forward when their help and wisdom is needed.
     - automatically become a Friend of the Organization for one year.
The select club of Friends of the Children Souls Hopes Organization is made ​​up of friends, best friends and friends for life. To become a friend of the organization the annual contribution is 20 EUR, but 
the campaign supporters are automatically accepted among Friends of the Children Souls Hopes Organization due to their donation.

- and most importantly - satisfation that you are helping kids in need.


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"Build Hopes" is a project through which "Children Soul Hopes" Association starts raising funds for building in Constanta a new modern center for recovering and rehabilitation of children with neuromotor problems.          Few are those who know and understand the dr more
Hope-Meter (Donations Total) Hope-Meter (Donations Total)

THE CAMPAIGN OF THE 50,000 HOPES To the supporters of the 50,000 hopes campaign and to those who have donated and will donate for the construction of the rehabilitation center for children with neuromotor disorders, THANK YOU! The summary of the the t-shirts distributed and amounts raised are presented below: more
The T-shirt of the 50,000 Hopes Campaign The T-shirt of the 50,000 Hopes Campaign

THE SUPPORTER T-SHIRT OF THE "50,000 HOPES" CAMPAIGN BY DONATING EUR 25 you will enter the largest team, the team of the "50,000 hopes" supporters, the team of the most noble souls. Wear this T-shirt with unique number (from 1 to 50,000) and spread the word that you are our teammate, that 50,000 children need more

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The campaign of the 50000 hopes...
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