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B2B Special Rehabilitation Center, Constanta...

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On April 15th 2016, B2B Special Center stopped its activity due to lack of funding.

Starting with September 1st 2014 in Constanta a new rehabilitation center for children with neuro-motor disabilities has opened

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For a short history - click here.


The rehabilitation center for children with neuro-motor problems delivers solutions for rehabilitation, socialization, interaction and schooling for all children with medical issues in the neurological specter. 430 square meters and a number of 8 rooms serves rehabilitation needs of children [neuro-pediatrics doctor and EEG – one room, 2 physiotherapy rooms, psychotherapy (cognitive stimulation) – one room, speech therapy – one room, occupational therapy – one room, group activity and IT therapy – one room], reception, treatment room, 4 bathrooms (of which 1 designed for children with disabilities), 2 changing rooms, administration office, personnel office, and service rooms. The access in the center can be made on two access ramps for wheelchairs.
Finishing, appliance, and endowment of the center are at the highest levels, with large rooms and special made furniture for children. 

The center can take care of any children that suffers of neuro-motor affections such as:
-     Cerebral palsy (of any type)
-    Spastic Tetraparesis (Tetraplegia), Spastic Disparesis (Tetraplegia)
-    Spastic Paraparesis (Tetraplegia), spastic Hemiparesis (Tetraplegia)
-    Hypotonic syndrome
-    Flaccid-spastic paresis
-    Down Syndrome ( Trisomy 21)
-    West Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome
-    Patau Syndrome (Trisomy 13)
-    Warkany Syndrome (Trisomy 8)
-    Pyramidal Syndrome
-    Extra Pyramidal Syndrome
-    Mentally retarded
-    Epileptic
-    Athetoid or Dyskinetic Syndrome
-    ADHD, Autistic
-    Developmentally delayed
-    Other forms of neurological affections


The center is structured in 3 main departments: Pediatric Neurology, Physical Recovery, Psychological Recovery. Center activity is coordinated by a directory board formed of administrative board members of the Children Souls Hopes Association (which supports financially the center) and medical director Dr. Daniela Stoian. Patients that address themselves to the center will be redirected to pediatric neurology department from where after receiving their diagnosis and having established their rehabilitation necessities they will be redirected to other departments of either physical or psychological evaluation. At the end of the evaluation an intervention program will be established along with patient’s parents or legal tutor with gradual growth of difficulty according to disability level of children. Center’s work regime is ambulatory, there are no lodge nor restaurant spaces, children come to the center accompanied by parents based on a schedule for one, two or more therapy session, at the end of such they will return home with their family.  

The center has a modern exterior access ramp and a special designed toilet for children with disabilities.

Pediatric neurology department

After working a period at Alexandru Obregia hospital in Bucuresti, Dr. Stoian Daniela decided to continue her career as a doctor in Constanta city, being until now the only pediatric neurologist in Constanta area. At the medical cabinet can also be performed EEG (electroencephalograph) analysis which the doctor will instrument and analyze in real time. The last generation of EEG device is produced in Japan and is high tech, being bought in 2014. This device is recommended for children due to its superior performance and specific accessories.

You will need an appointment in advance for a visit to this doctor’s office.
The age limit for children is 18 years old.
Physical recovery department

The physical recovery department is under Ms. Trcoski Boge supervision, which has more than 8 years experience with disabled children. Even though he was born and raised in Macedonia, after graduating the medical school in Romania he decided to settle in Romania, becoming thus one of the most appreciated specialists in Constanta.

The two rooms of physical therapy use modern equipment like Rosher cage, unique in Constanta. Rehabilitation possibilities using gravity cage suspension are practically unlimited and combines rehabilitation techniques with joy and children amusement; this gear will soon become your child’s favorite.
Based on neuro pediatric doctor diagnosis, the physical therapist will make an evaluation of harsh and keen movement capacities and will establish an efficient recovery program that will emphasize at maximum the child potential.
You will need an appointment in advance to visit this office and a neurologist doctor’s recommendation.
The age limit for children is 14 years old.
Psychology department

Under psychologist Costin Daniela’s supervision, the two rooms offers the possibility of assessment and to establish an intervention plan, cognitive stimulation, speech therapy, group therapy, parental counseling, psychotherapy or behavior therapy. Being a very appreciated specialist, due to very good results, Mrs. Costin Daniela has more than 4 years experience with children. The spaces are properly arranged and geared as a response to specific working requirements for children with neurologic disabilities.
Here too you can only come based on an in advance appointment.
The age limit for children is 14 years.


Staff of the B2B Special Center
Left to right:
Costin Daniela – Psychology, Puiu Florenta – Psychology, Drutau Ramona – Center Manager and President of ACSS, Drutau Ciprian- Coordinator B2B Special Center, Stoian Daniela – Dr. Pediatric neurologist, Trcoski Boge – Physical therapy, Trcoski Elena – Physical therapy, Jianu Madalina – ACSS member/volunteer

List of prices and services
(prices are in RON)
Name Lenght
Price without
Price witht
Cognitive Stimulation 50 min 50 45
Initial Psychological Assesment 60 min 100  -
Psychological assesment 60 min 80  -
Committee psychological evaluation register card 60 min 80  -
Parental counseling sessions (1+1 free) 120-180min 80  -
Speech therapy 30 min 35 30
Physical Condition Assesment 30-50 min 60  -
Kinetic therapy 50 min 55 50
Assesment / neurological consultation 50 min  100  -
EEG Exploration 30 min  80  -

10 physical therapy sessions 500
10 cognitive stimulation sessions 450
10 speech therapy sessions 300

Why do we have to pay within the center?

Children Souls Hopes Association received from its sponsors (especially from Mihai Nesu Foundation) the necessary funding for center arrangement and most equipments acquisitions. A part of the equipments comes from donations and some of the services offered in the center, comes from volunteering. But starting from its opening in 2014, centers activity, bills, rent, wages are no longer sponsored, the center has to finance itself. Children Souls Hopes Association is taking efforts to maintain the prices at market level or less (practically the income does not cover the expenses for such a large center, being thus necessary for the Children Souls Hopes Association to co finance the center using charity funds). All Association members are making efforts to motivate the civil society, public local institutions and business environment to offer financial support, on one side to cover the expenses and on the other side to improve the center and create new departments and not least to reduce the cost for parents.
We know that those families having one or more children with disabilities need to allocate considerable financial resources for children’s treatment, many times exceeding the possibilities of a middle class family in Romania and we wish that in a not so far future, the access to this center to be free of charge for all children (today only few children are granted free access). But until we will manage this performance we have to unite our efforts to maintain this center at its full functioning capacity, because at this point “B2B Special” is the only center of this kind in Constanta.

How can you help this center?

For our international friends, we welcome all donations on our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign:
For a full list of options for you to offer your help click here.
You can also join as volunteer and help us with our fundraising. You will definetely be welcomed in our team.


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B2B Special Rehabilitation Center, Constanta...
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