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Build Hopes...

"Build Hopes" is a project through which "Children Soul Hopes" Association starts raising funds for building in Constanta a new modern center for recovering and rehabilitation of children with neuromotor problems.

         Few are those who know and understand the drama of the parents with children having neuromotor problems. Besides the inability of seeing your own child prisoner for his entire life between four walls or in his own world, understood only by him or captive in a wheelchair, it is added the limited Romanian medical system, the lack of some operational programs, that could cover not only the medical service but also the high costs of treatment for those children. The so-called rehabilitation centers from our country are few, very crowded, use old techniques or approach the recovering in a limited, partial form, are underfunded and it is noticeable the lack of specialists in modern methods of treatment, methods that could be successfully accustomed by the young generation, more flexible and more opened to new.

         Unfortunately in Romania today the counseling of parents whose children have serious health problems is at random or lacks both in the medical environment and that of social assistance, there are no national programs or specialized centers, or few; in fact in most of cases the coordination of a treatment program on medium and long term remains in the responsibility of the parents.
     Thus a lot of parents are forced to take the services of some clinics and rehabilitation centers from abroad, appeal to foreign doctors with experience and methods of recovering whose efficiency was proven along the time (see Vojta therapy or the Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation System- INRS – of the international clinic from Truskavets, Ukraine). The costs are not negligible and those who cannot afford have to appeal at the humanity of their peers either directly or by means of humanitarian associations and foundations.
           Once the material obstacles overpasses they will have to spend long periods of time, weeks or months among foreign people, far from the country and family (but the family help is crucial in 99% from cases) in a new world which is not always welcoming and where they have to handle costs most of the times with limited resources.
          The recovering and rehabilitation of the neuromotor problems is slowly made, in time, with little steps, require perseverance, ambition and a lot of patience being necessary daily treatments (even more times a day) and the long journeys are a destructive factor of the family’s balance as they have to be repeated 3-4 times a year.

         "Children Soul Hopes" Association was founded exactly from the necessity of a center like this in our country. There is no secret that, although we are involved in other projects, the building in Constanta of a center of recovering and rehabilitation of children with neuromotor problems is our favourite project. It is a hard work, requires large amounts of money but we are confident that we will succeed to make ourselves known both by our direct raising funds campaigns and by promoting in the written media, radio and TV.
          It is an extraordinary opportunity for any person who knows what means to be helped, to participate at a nice project, necessary today but also in the future and to let as legacy for our children the chance to a better life and in the same time an example that by the will of people, together, everything is possible!

          Our vision about the future center is a complex one; not only will gather under the same roof the most modern methods of treatment and recovery but also aims to polarizes a part of the medical domain that could draw together the best doctors, therapists, specialist in research and experimenting in order to form an elite of professionals whose value to become recognized at national and why not international level. The recovering center will include a day center for kids with disabilities where parents could be able to let them during the day for therapy, play, educative activities and group activities and in the evening they could go back to their families. Around the center, based on the location of the center we intend to build a park that could include a special play space for children with disabilities. Part of the center will be a modern section of receiving emergencies for children.
The costs of construction and maintenance are not negligible, reaching millions of euro and the support of many people is needed in order to help this project both in the construction stage and later in exploitation.


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Build Hopes...
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